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25- Delinquent Tax Sale Questions 


You Will Learn: 


1. How Do I Make Money, As An Investor, At A Tax-Sale?
2. How Do I Verify If My Property Is Being Offered for Sale or Auction?
3. How Much Interest Do I Make On Money that I Invest At A Tax-Sale?
4. Who Conducts Tax-Sales?
5. Who Is Responsible for the Future Taxes that Become-Due?
6. Where Are Tax-Sale Properties Bought or Sold?
7. Are Tax-Sale Investments Safe?
8. Are Tax-Sale Expenses Tax-Deductible?
9. Are All Tax-Sale Properties Desirable Parcels?
10. Are Tax-Sale Properties Sold-Over-The-Internet?
11. Are There Any Special Financing Programs Available?
12. Can I Do Any Home Repairs To The Property?
13. Can Delinquent Tax-Payers Bid At the Tax-Sale?
14. Can I Buy Tax-Sale Properties Through the Mail?
15. Can I Purchase More Than One-Parcel At A Tax-Sale?
16. Can I Get A Refund for Tax-Sale Properties I Buy/Bid-on At A Tax-Sale?
17. Can I Preview or Inspect Tax-Sale Properties Prior To Bidding/Purchasing?
18. Can I Sell or Re-Sell Tax-Sale Properties Once I Have Legal-Title To the Property?
19. What Is A Private Sale?
20. What Time Do Tax-Sales Begin?
21. What Form of Payment Is Required?
22. Will I Be Able To Purchase Title Insurance For Property I Purchase At A Tax-Sale?
23. Do I Have to be A Resident Where Tax-Sale Properties are being sold?
24. Do I Need A Real-Estate Agent/Realtor to buy Property at a Government Tax-Sale?
25. Where Can I Find the Statutes or Laws for Tax Sales?




June 27, 2017